About Us

More than just a guide, a friend and advisor who reveals the gems learned over the years.

Bologna Guide is not just for tourists, it is designed for all those who want to live and get to know this fantastic city.

We want to experience and share Bologna!


The pages of our website contain direct experiences that we have tried over the years.
This is because we live in Bologna!
We visit places, walk around the center, talk to and with people...


Informing is one thing, exciting is a completely different thing. We don't want to be an encyclopedia or a study text. At all times we try to convey our sensations and opinions, giving our readers the opportunity to experience the pleasure of discovery.


There is always something new to learn. Things can change too quickly. This is why we constantly study and inform ourselves and try to keep our contents updated.

❤️Our Team ❤️

Team Bologna Guide

Ivan Agolino

I am a curious traveler and I passionately dedicate myself to the search for new tastes and emotions. I have made Bologna my home and every day I venture into its alleys to discover some new secret that I transcribe in these articles. I hope I can convey all the love I feel for this splendid city!

I still remember that day in 2016 when this crazy idea came to me:

“Why don’t we make an online guide to Bologna? Let’s tell our point of view and all the wonderful things we have discovered over the years!”.

So I started talking about it with a few people. It wasn’t easy, some joined and then abandoned the project almost immediately.

There have been times of stagnation and things have been much more difficult than expected, yet here we are!

Camilla Viviani

With a keen passion for food, art, and history, I'm always eager to uncover Bologna's hidden gems and indulge in its cultural offerings, never passing up a chance to explore its myriad museums. As an enthusiastic cartographer and meticulous planner, I thrive on crafting uncommune travel itineraries that promise to delight travelers, offering unique experiences that leave lasting memories.

Ivan’s persuasive charm led me to pen my inaugural article, lured by the promise of a delightful lunch, an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. Since then, I’ve remained committed to nurturing the growth of this guide, drawing upon my expertise and daily encounters.

Working at the hotel reception, I engage in daily conversations with travelers hailing from every corner of the globe, each bearing unique passions, curiosities, and preferences that continually reshape my perspective of Bologna.

As new horizons unfold, so do a myriad of challenges—from navigating urban transport to securing coveted restaurant reservations. Yet, through these experiences, I’ve developed an intuitive sense for anticipating the diverse needs of our visitors, shaping evolving itineraries to suit their desires.

Valerio Agolino

I'm a visual explorer, always looking for new perspectives and intriguing details to capture with my lens. I see the hidden beauty that often escapes everyday sight, I immortalize it and sometimes I transcribe it into words.

As a professional photographer, my heart remains deeply connected to the enchanting city of Bologna, despite no longer residing within its borders. The memories I’ve gathered in this remarkable city are etched permanently in my mind, evoking a profound sense of affection and nostalgia.

I wholeheartedly championed the inception of this project as a tribute to the cherished years I spent there. I played a pivotal role in crafting the website and contributed my writing prowess to several articles. 

Additionally, I generously shared select photographic gems from my extensive archive, lending visual richness to the project. Moreover, I continue to provide ongoing graphic support, tirelessly refining its design to ensure an ever-enhanced user experience.