The idea of our guide comes from love for this beautiful Italian city. All this thanks to the desire to discover more and more about the beauty of Bologna and share it with others.

Our team has been busy organizing and researching more information, making it available and usable for free, not only to guide those who are already in the city but also to make it known to those who have not yet visited it

So in 2017 the idea takes shape and here comes online

The completely free guide was born and designed to help visitors immerse themselves fully in the life of the city, in its aromas, flavors and legends, to discover it in every detail and take part in its history. We strive to transmit all our love for Bologna to the tourists through our articles. We share useful and practical information to help you organize a tour in the city, with lots of ideas on places to visit, enjoy, live. At the same time we provide practical information for a visit in complete relaxation.

For us, the city is always a discovery, in fact is constantly growing together with the city itself.

So are you ready to travel with us?

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