🏅The Best 7 Food Tours in Bologna

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Bologna Food Tour
Bologna Food Tour

If you’ve planned to visit the Emilian capital, a Food Tour of Bologna is certainly one of the experiences you must try during your trip!

By now the whole world is aware of it, our city boasts a culinary tradition of excellence: tortellini in steaming capon broth, handmade tagliatelle accompanied by a tasty ragù cooked for at least two hours, mortadella IGP … and we are just mentioning the great classics.

There are so many delicacies waiting for you that we cannot continue writing this article without making our mouth water, perhaps it’s better if we have a snack first. 😃

Yes, today we are definitely inspired (it often happens when we talk about food) and we apologize in advance for the language we will use: imaginative and at times witty. However, we will not feel guilty if, in reading this page, I have to eat as much as I can and gain some weight.

Table of Delicious Contents

The arduous dilemma: which food tour to choose?

Food tours are not all the same, on the contrary, there are very different ones and each one has its advantages.

From the choice of dishes to the place in which to enjoy them, there are many differences and small details that can make the choice fall on one solution rather than another. All this without thinking about simple personal taste.

What we are sure of is that we have collected for you a mix of unique experiences that only a fantastic city like our “Grassa” (The Fat) can give you.

1. Traditional guided food tour in the center of Bologna

Piazza Maggiore bologna italy main square
Piazza Maggiore ©Bologna-Guide.com

A great classic: you eat, drink and walk with a local guide and some fellow adventurers, all set in the heart of the historic center.

Entering the mysterious and ancient alleys and then sitting at the table is the ideal way to spend a few pleasant hours in the warmth of conviviality and good food.

The absolute protagonist of the activity is the traditional Bolognese cuisine that will be offered to you through 5 tastings. In addition to satisfying your appetite, you can satisfy your thirst (for knowledge) thanks to the expert guide who can tell you some unusual anecdotes and curiosities about the recipes and dishes you will taste.

The reservation requires a minimum of two people and two time slots are available.

2. Voucher for tasting

This type of solution is perfect for those who love being independent.

No stress, no autopilot, you will have the reins and decide which route to take or where to stop.

The biggest advantage is certainly the excellent quality/price ratio of this type of proposal. In addition to the tasting vouchers, you will be provided with an exceptional weapon: the map with suggestions and points of interest.

This specific option includes a series of vouchers that you can use for:

  • Savor the fabulous tortellini, a tasty crescentina with mortadella and a tasting of traditional cold cuts.
  • Cool off with a nice ice cream and try some homemade chocolate


For adults, a tasting of Parmesan cheese, a glass of wine and a coffee are also included.

As mentioned at the beginning, we recommend this mode to those people who like to move freely or perhaps have special needs and prefer not to have to follow a guide or a group of people.

3. Excursion between Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan and Wine

Bologna food tour - parmesan and balsamic vinegar excursion
Parmigiano Reggiano

“Excursion” or rather “immersion”, as we like to call this opportunity to spend a fantastic experiential and sensorial day.

This is not a simple walk, you will leave the city center to enter the countryside of Bologna in search of the truest flavors of our land. What to answer the call of the ancient aromas if not: “When do we leave?”

Before we go on we have to tell you: this is probably the most expensive food tour among those we have selected and yet every penny will be well spent!

We will not be here to give you the full account of what is included in this eating day but, just to give you an idea of what awaits you, know that:

  • You will be picked up and taken back to your accommodation (pss… if you have not yet booked you should definitely read our advice on where to sleep in Bologna). All with great comfort and in full compliance with the anti-Covid regulations in force.
  • You will visit places of production of the Emilian culinary excellence, namely Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and Lambrusco.
  • Maybe it’s obvious, but food is made to be eaten, that’s why you will taste the delicacies just mentioned and much more …
  • In fact, after having awakened your appetite, lunch awaits you. Do not worry, it will be “light” so your excursion should not be counted among the twelve labors of Hercules!


We wanted to save a few words but we couldn’t move on to the next point on our list without giving you some more details on the stages that await you.

Here you will find just some information, we don’t want to spoil too much:

  • The first stop is the dairy where you will find out how our delicious aged cheese is made, you can visit the production site in the company of an expert guide.
  • Then you will leave for the vinegar factory to taste what many call the gold of Modena.
  • From the vinegar barrels you will move on to those of wine. In the cellar Lambrusco and Pignoletto will be the protagonists and will fill your glass with full and lively notes.


For all other information, to check availability and view prices, follow the link:

4. Fico Eataly World: ticket and tasting

The Fabbrica Italiana Contadina better known as FICO is a unique project of its kind: a food and wine theme park where you can find every aspect of Italian culinary culture.

The visit to FICO is for everyone but if we had to recommend it to someone in particular I would say that it is perfect for:

  • all those who want to admire the complex and multifaceted panorama of this world. From production to tasting, up to the kitchen accessory.
  • Families with children. In fact, the whole park is designed to accommodate and respond to the needs of children. Plus, Luna Farm is a real farm-themed amusement park designed to captivate and engage children of all ages.
  • Those traveling by car or planning to rent a car. In fact, it will be necessary to reach the place independently. Alternatively, it may be convenient to reach FICO by taxi.

The online purchase of this “ticket and tasting” combo includes admission, access to the amusement park, a guided tour and 4 tastings as well as the cost of parking for the whole day.

5. Eat at a local's home

Bologna Food Tour - dinner with a Bolognese
Tagliatelle handmade

Tonight you are all invited to dinner at our house! No, I was joking… there would be too many! In any case, if you want to experience the thrill of eating as a guest in a Bolognese house this is your chance.

You will be directed to your host’s home who will welcome you warmly. You will witness the preparation of secret recipes handed down in family books and enjoy your Italian meal.

6. Private tour with tasting

What to say? A VIP experience. You will have the full attention of the guide and you will be able to fully enjoy his teachings.

During this visit your private guide will lead you to discover the historic center and its lively markets. You will discover the secrets to buy the best products and taste some of the most famous food of Bologna.

7. Degustazione di vini accompagnata da salumi e formaggi

Bologna Food Tour - wine tasting
Wines selection

Ideal for a romantic evening and a must for lovers of good wine, this tasting will take place in the Quadrilatero district.

Tinkle the glasses filled with some of Italy’s best wines and enjoy an evening of conviviality.

Frequent questions

As satisfying as eating in a Bolognese restaurant can be, there are many other ways to try the local specialties.

A food tour can be more dynamic, adventurous and exciting than a simple meal in a trattoria. If you have any doubts, read the magnificent proposals we have collected for you in this article of our guide!

We have created the list of the best food tours, if they are really the best, only you can tell us! We have evaluated them based on our experience and imagining the different needs and personal predispositions.

Starting from reliable suppliers with excellent reviews, we have preferred a mixed list, in which each person can find the solution that best suits their needs.

Just for clarity, we remind you that Bologna Guide is a free online guide, we are not tourist service providers but we offer information and advice freely. The images in this article are included for illustrative purposes only.

We do our best to allow all our readers an exceptional journey!

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