The Best Pizza Restaurants in Bologna

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best pizza restaurants in bologna
best pizza restaurants in bologna

Are you ready to discover the best pizzerias in Bologna?


How to find a good pizzeria in Bologna? There are hundreds of them, it seems a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

No fear! Our staff has tasted countless pizzas and we have selected the best pizzerias in Bologna just for you.

After so much hard work and countless hours spent “testing” the various doughs, the sauce and the toppings, we can say that we have found some restaurants where the pizza is truly fabulous.

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1. Ristorante Pizzeria - La Verace

The name is enough to evoke the real Neapolitan pizza with its intense and appetizing taste. The cooking takes place in a wood-fired oven, as tradition dictates, however Verace is not afraid to innovate.

In fact, there is no lack of combinations of special ingredients for a Gourmet pizza, much attention is also given to flours and doughs. Also available gluten-free pizza suitable for celiac disease sufferers. As if all this were not enough, there is also the comfortable environment and the courtesy of the staff to be mentioned.

2. Rossopomodoro

Pizzerie in Bologna - Rossopomodoro 3
Rossopomodoro at Mercato di Mezzo

Rosso Pomodoro is a chain of restaurants and pizzerias that over the years has proven to be able to maintain high quality in all its locations. In our case we find the pizzeria inserted in a very particular context, in fact it is located on the upper floor of the Mercato di Mezzo, in the historic center of Bologna.

At Rosso Pomodoro they are so scrupulous in making the dough that at the entrance there is a timer in which the rising time is recorded. The place is often crowded and we recommend booking, especially on weekends. In some cases the line to sit can reach exaggerated dimensions that we have seen with our eyes! Despite this, the service is impeccable, carried out by nice and kind guys who will make you feel at home.

3. Ranzani 13

pizzerie a bologna - ranzani 13 - forno a legna
Ranzani 13

At Ranzani 13 you certainly eat one of the best pizzas in Bologna. Just take a look at these freshly baked pizzas to make your mouth water!

We have eaten here very often over the years and have never been disappointed. One of the advantages is that you can always find something new on the menu. In fact, there is no shortage of seasonal or monthly proposals, full of imagination and refined ingredients.

In addition, the restaurant offers excellent gourmet burgers, cooked rare as the meat is of high quality. The pride of this restaurant is the wide choice of craft beers.

4. Banco del Vino

Strange to say, but at the Banco del Vino it is the pizza that reigns supreme! Entering the restaurant you can smell the baked pizza and watch the masters at work. The minimal environment consists of an open space furnished in a modern style, if you are lucky you can watch the preparation from your table.

What makes Banco del Vino one of the best pizzerias in Bologna?

The peculiarity is that all the pizzas are made with 100% Italian wholemeal flours and filtered water. The leavening follows a cycle of at least 48 hours which makes the dough easy to digest and fragrant. In addition, the condiments, primarily salt and oil, are chosen with meticulous dedication, the final touch is given by the spectacular presentation.

For the more demanding, however, there is a warning, precisely because of the careful selection of ingredients, the menu can be restricted.

5. Pizzeria Regina Sofia

Here a pizza with a high and crunchy edge awaits you, as the Neapolitan tradition dictates. The Regina Sofia is a place with a minimalist décor where what counts is the goodness of the dishes and the courtesy of the waiters.

It is located a few steps from Piazza Maggiore and during the summer it is possible to eat outside under the historic arcades of Bologna.

6. Pummà

At Pummà you can enjoy a pizza that is nothing short of exceptional. Every detail is fantastic, especially in the gourmet version where the pizza is presented already cut and each slice is seasoned to perfection!

Pummà’s philosophy is intriguing: care and love are present in every detail.

Starting from the use of wholemeal flours, stone ground and without any additives, to the use of mother yeast, no aspect of the preparation is overlooked. Thanks to these precautions and to a leavening of at least one day, the dough is light and digestible.

As if this were not enough, the final touch is given by the ingredients, carefully selected following the seasons and enhancing the territory.

7. Pizzerie del Barazzo

Located in the charming and lively Via del Pratello, this pizzeria amazed us for the flavor and quality of the ingredients. The bar of the same name is a historic place and perhaps the most popular in the area, a few years ago the decision to open a pizzeria.

At first we were a bit skeptical, but when we tried it, it was a real revelation. The pizza dough is light while the topping is abundant and tasty.

Among the various proposals we suggest two of our favorites: La Parmigiana and Zucchini and Alici.

The restaurant is welcoming and the outdoor area on the quiet side street will make your meal even more enjoyable.

8. Spacca Napoli

Not far from the Asinelli Tower we find Spacca Napoli. This restaurant-pizzeria while offering traditional Emilian cuisine has also decided to propose the tradition of Neapolitan pizza.

This type of proposal is excellent for those who want to have a wide choice of dishes and in order to enjoy the Neapolitan flavors and the excellence of Bolognese cuisine at the same time.

migliori pizzerie di bologna, gluten-free pizza in bologna
Gluten-free Pizza

We couldn’t write an article on the best pizzerias in Bologna without thinking about those who have problems with gluten.

In this case it is even more difficult to find a good place to eat and often the idea of enjoying pizza is completely abandoned. Fortunately we have found a valid solution to this problem: La Pizzeria la Verace. This place offers the gluten-free option for their delicious pizzas.

📜 Extra: the origin of Pizza Margherita

The history of pizza is long and fascinating, the tradition comes from afar, remote times in which Italy had yet to be born. The year was 1889 and King Umberto I was preparing to visit Naples in the company of his wife, Queen Margherita of Savoy.

To impress the palate of the royal family, Raffaele Esposito, the best pizza chef of the time, was summoned. He made three different pizzas and one of these pleased the queen so much that she sent Raffaele a letter of appreciation. From that day on, the pizza whose colors were based on the Italian flag was named after the queen and called pizza Margherita.

4.6/5 - (20 votes)
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