Bologna City Tour

Would you like to take a Bologna City Tour?

Then you should know that the city offers a lot of different and unique experiences. You will find all kinds of activities, from the classic Red Bus to delving into the meanders of the city to discover the secrets of its underground!

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Bologna city tour

You are in a city with a long and ancient tradition that has its roots in the distant past. Around every corner there are secrets that only an expert guide can tell you worthily. As much as Bologna Guide wants to accompany you on your journey, in some cases it will be good to have someone by your side to make sure that everything is perfect!

Bologna FC stadium Tour

We have learned that the stadium tour is not available at the moment, we will be waiting for news about this and we will keep you informed!

The Best Bologna Tour

In this section we have collected the most beautiful experiences you can live and the best guided and private tours that will make your life easier. This means less time spent planning your trip and more time to admire the beauty of our city.

1. Torre degli Asinelli and Food Tasting
Bologna Tour - Panorama from Asinelli Tower
Panorama from Asinelli Tower

If you have read our article about the Asinelli Tower you will already know, the tower can be visited and that from its top you can enjoy a wonderful view.

We don’t want to spoil your fun but know that this is not the Eiffel Tower and that you will not find an elevator that will take you all the way up! Put on comfortable shoes and get ready for adventure. The package also includes a tasting of typical Bologna food and a voucher for the purchase of homemade ice cream.

2. 🚂 Train to San Luca with Gastronomic Tasting

The Sanctuary of San Luca is located on the Colle della Guardia at more than 600 meters above the sea level and is about 4 km from the center. One of the best ways to reach it is to get on the little train that will take you in front of it, at this point a guided tour of the Sanctuary awaits you.
going down you will follow the portico of via Saragozza (the longest in the world) passing through the Arco del Meloncello and Porta Saragozza until you reach Piazza Maggiore.

3. Bologna with a Local

Traveling is not just about strolling through unknown streets, admiring monuments, visiting museums or relaxing away from the routine. A journey helps us learn something new through discovery and there is no better way to discover a place than the experience of those who live there!

Your local guide will allow you to customize your itinerary according to your interests and will provide you with valuable advice based on your needs.

4. Archiginnasio Private Tour

If you are passionate about art and heraldic coats of arms this palace is a destination not to be missed! The Archiginnasio is one of the historic sites of the University of Bologna and its walls are decorated with over 3,000 heraldic coats of arms. In its halls innumerable mysteries are hidden but one most of all, an ancient anatomy classroom called for this Anatomical Theater is famous for its chair called “Cattedra degli Spellati“.

In this experience you will see all this and much more and then stop at Osteria Ranocchi for a food and wine tasting.

Cosa vedere a bologna, archiginnasio
Archiginnasio ©Gwendolyn Stansbury

5. Churches Tour

If you are passionate about ecclesiastical art and architecture, this path is for you!

In the city center there are many churches, basilicas and sanctuaries of great artistic and historical value. The tour of the churches of Bologna will lead you to discover the famous Basilica of San Petronio and its Bell Tower

This will be followed by a visit to Church of San Domenico where you can discover wonderful works of art including some masterpieces by Michelangelo Buonarroti. Finally, you will arrive at San Michele in Bosco where, admiring the monumental complex, you can enjoy a splendid panorama.

6. Bologna University Tour

You will already know that Alma Mater Studiorum is the oldest university in Europe. In the historic center there are countless places that have hosted illustrious professors and their students, as well as anecdotes and curiosities about it.

This private tour, which will take you to discover the city through the history of its university, is dedicated to large or small groups and is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The Best Bologna City Center Tour

There are many ways to discover the historic area and visit must-see places. Here we have collected what in our opinion are the most fun and exciting experiences.

Walking Tour

One of the most loved and undoubtedly exciting ways to visit a new place is to walk along the unknown streets. Doing it with a guide is certainly the best way to fully understand what awaits you around the corner and the beautiful monuments that you are going to discover. In this way you can be sure not to miss any interesting anecdote or place that awaits your visit.

Suggested Bologna Walking Tour

This guided tour will help you immerse yourself in the heart of the town and uncover all the secrets hidden behind the main attractions. It starts from the majestic god of the sea who welcomes us in Piazza Nettuno and then continues admiring San Petronio, Piazza Santo Stefano and Le Due Torri, just to name some of the most fascinating places of the visit. The Quadrilatero area is a stop that cannot be missed in this tour and awaits us with colorful alleys full of flavors and aromas of culinary specialties.

Segway Tour

Do you want to explore the town in a comfortable and fun way?
This experience is definitely made for you, it’s time to get on your segway

Thanks to this easy personal transport machine, visiting the city will be even more curious and fascinating. Get ready to whiz through the historic alleys and the oldest monuments accompanied by your guide. You will have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with this vehicle in Piazza Minghetti from where the two-wheeled walk starts. Our comfortable journey then continues along Via Clavature where we will cross the historic Mercato di Mezzo, and then continue on to Piazza Santo Stefano, Corte Isolani and all the symbolic places of the city.

Hop on Hop Off Tour - Bologna open top Bus

A way to see the most interesting points without effort? The open-top Red Bus is perfect for those who want to reach the most symbolic places of the town but also explore the areas a little further away without walking kilometers. Being able to get on and off the bus whenever you want makes this tour ideal for enjoying a quiet visit.

The open bus awaits you in Piazza Maggiore. From here you will have the whole day to choose your stops and decide for yourself your time of stay at the different stages. An audio guide will accompany you on this journey. This will tell you historical details and hidden secrets related to the stages of your journey.

 To end the day in the best possible way, a tasting of typical Bologna food awaits you in a historic market.

Food Tour Bologna

There are always different ways to get to know a city in depth, discovering its traditional flavors is certainly the most engaging way to do it, especially if we are talking about Bologna, universally known as the “Fat“.
Taking a food tour in the Italian capital of good food is definitely a must.

Food Tour in the Historic Center

To have a unique culinary experience there is no need to move from the charming historic center. The Quadrilatero area is indeed full of offers, just look around for a moment to be flooded with scents and colors.

Your journey in search of the flavors of the Bolognese tradition starts right here. Together with your guide you will explore several restaurants where inviting tastings await you.

👉 Traditional guided gastronomic tour: more info here

For a richer tasting, also including balsamic vinegar, parmesan and ice cream we recommend the 3-hour secret food tour: check availability

Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan and Vineyard Tour

If the experience among the alleys and the ancient shops is not enough for you, do not worry, with this tour you can also discover the secrets behind the creation of tasty products such as Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar.

With this day trip, that will take you through the Emilian countryside, you will taste excellent local products and you will also discover how they are created. Between the stages there is also a visit to a vineyard, all of which will end with a traditional lunch in a characteristic Trattoria.

You are in the Italian capital of Good Food but not necessarily every place is exceptional! Discover our tips for an exceptional culinary journey!

Bologna Car Factory Tour

Our beloved city is located in the heart of the famous Motor Valley, the land of motors located in the Emilia Romagna region. It includes Bologna, Modena, Cento, Sant’Agata Bolognese and many other cities.

The largest number of Italian and world excellence in the automotive sector is concentrated in this area. In short, if you love racing cars you are in your paradise!

If you want to see the best of the famous car brands in a single day, we suggest these two solutions:

Ferrari Museum and Factory Tour

Lovers of the “Cavallino Rampante” will be able to make their dreams come true by reaching Maranello and visiting the factory where exceptional cars are produced.

The guided tour will also allow you to visit the Ferrari Museum and Casa Enzo Ferrari!

The best is yet to come, all racing fans will be happy to know that it is possible to book a Ferrari Test Drive!

Day Trip Form Bologna

Did you know that our city is located in a strategic place? Its position and the large network of connections (highways, railways and air routes) allows you to easily reach some of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy!

If you are planning to rent a car or have come to Bologna driving, you can move on your own and visit the beautiful medieval villages nearby. In this case we advise you to read our article: 5 Villages to see near Bologna.

If you don’t have the opportunity to move independently, don’t worry! We have chosen for you the best day trips from Bologna so you can dedicate at least one day to the wonders that are in your surroundings.

Day Trip To Verona
Bologna Day trip - verona
Verona Italy

Verona is famous all over the world for being the place where the famous opera of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet takes place. For this reason and for its charming and well-kept historic center it is often considered the city of lovers.

Day Trip To Venice
Bologna tour - Day trip to Venezia

Venice is one of those places to see at least once in a lifetime. The fabulous canals and Gondolas, the dreamy atmosphere and the Carnival. If you have little time available, this day trip is for you. The guide will accompany you in the discovery of the main monuments in a fantastic journey.

Day Trip To Florence
bologna tour - day trip to firenze
Firenze - Panorama

Florence is a real open-air museum, thanks to hundreds of years of patronage it was the second home of famous Italian artists in the Renaissance.

There are countless places to visit and the masterpieces of art kept in its museums. If you want a taste of what Florence has to offer this route will lead you through the iconic places: Piazza del Duomo, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio.

Day Trip To Ravenna
Bologna tour - Day trip Ravenna
Ravenna - Mosaics

Ravenna is certainly one of the least known Italian cities of art abroad, however, as many as 8 of its monuments have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Over the centuries Ravenna has been the capital of three empires and has seen the succession of Romans, Byzantines and Lombards. You may not have known it, but in this very place the mortal remains of the great writer Dante Alighieri are buried.

On an artistic level, the Paleochristian and Byzantine mosaics that decorate the walls of the most important churches stand out for their beauty and splendor.

Tips & Free Tour By Bologna Guide

Bologna Food Tour

🏅The Best 7 Food Tours in Bologna

If you have planned to visit the Emilian capital, a food tour of Bologna is certainly one of the experiences you must try during your trip! By now the whole world is aware of it, our city boasts a culinary tradition of excellence: tortellini in steaming capon broth, handmade tagliatelle accompanied by a tasty ragù cooked for at least two hours, mortadella IGP … and we are just mentioning the great classics.

7 secrets of Bologna - 6 Venice Window

7 Secrets of Bologna – A journey through mystery

A sightseeing tour to discover the Seven Secrets or even better a fun and educational way to spend one day in the old town. This way you can see the best attractions of Bologna, passing through the main points of interest and visiting historic sites. We aren’t just giving you path to follow, but for every stage it will be reveal the story that lies behind the secret.

Quadrilatero, Bologna Italy old market

Sightseeing through the Quadrilatero, the Bologna Old Market

The Quadrilatero, or the old Mercato di Mezzo, is certainly one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the city, a place where you can discover the flavors and traditional food. As well shopping, between luxury and ancient shops in one of things to do in Bologna. A point of interest not to be missed in the old town.

walking tour to san luca - bologna, italy

Walking Tour to Church of San Luca

The walk to San Luca is one of the typical habits of the Bolognese. Arriving at the shrine following the portico in via Saragozza is a pleasant itinerary to walk on foot. The climb is not easy but at the end of the route you will be rewarded with the view of a beautiful panorama.

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