Free Wifi in Bologna – visit the city staying online

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wifi gratuita bologna, informazioni turistiche bologna
wifi gratuita bologna, informazioni turistiche bologna

Do you want to visit Bologna remaining connected to the internet? No problem, our tour guide thought of this.

If you have your smartphone or laptop with you, it will be easy to find an internet connection. In the city there are plenty of free wifi access points or you can use the Sala Borsa computers.

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The wireless network Iperbole, the free internet access service

Not many people know it but the municipality of Bologna offers a free connection service to the wifi network. The Iperbole civic network gives everyone the opportunity to connect to the Internet completely free of charge. The areas where it is possible to connect are usually near the major public buildings in the city. In this way tourists will be able to connect even while visiting our fabulous city.

Access to the Iperbole service is very easy, complex operations are not necessary, to access to internet it is sufficient to connect to the Iperbole network. No login or code will be required, isn’t it really great?

The system reaches almost every corner of the city center and certainly the main points of interest. In fact you can connect easily strolling in Piazza Maggiore, or contemplating the Asinelli tower. The same is true by visiting the MAMbo or walking through the tree-lined boulevards of the Margherita Gardens.

Using your smartphone you can access all the necessary information and enjoy your free time.

But if you want to be really sure of finding access, just look at the map with all the Iperbole access points.

Internet access and use of PCs at Sala Borsa

Have you not brought your pc, tablet and your smartphone with you? Perhaps we have found a solution for you too. In fact, after a quick registration to the system, the Sala Borsa municipal library offers the opportunity to use PCs with an internet connection for a short period of time.

The systems will not be of the last generation, but if it is still a free service.

4.5/5 - (13 votes)
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