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Are you looking for a hotel in Bologna but you don’t have a precise idea of the cost of accommodation and the area in which to stay?

You are in the right place, on this page you will find lots of useful tips and resources that will allow you to choose the best place where to stay in Bologna and save yourself from nasty surprises!

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hotel in bologna

Choosing where to stay in Bologna is not easy at all, especially if it is the first time you visit the city. Although it is not a metropolis, the offer of solutions is very wide and differentiated according to individual needs.

Among the more than 1,000 accommodations available there is certainly a solution suitable for all tastes and budgets: from hostels and bed & breakfasts to luxury hotels and palaces, from family-run hotels to modern international chains, furnished in a classic or modern style, no shortage of historic residences with frescoed rooms.

There is not the slightest doubt, the success of a trip largely depends on the correct choice of accommodation. But fear not, whatever your need, this guide will allow you to identify the area and the type of accommodation that is perfect for your stay.

The 10 Best Hotels in Bologna, Italy

People often ask us what is the best place to stay in our opinion. Anyway the answer isn’t obvious, in any case we decided to make a list of the 10 best hotels evaluating total of all key aspects of a good stay.

1. Aemilia Hotel

Just outside the historic center area, easily reachable on foot, this modern and elegant 4-star is perfect for those traveling by car and want to enjoy a holiday in full comfort and relaxation. The private garage, the comfortable and quiet rooms, some of which overlook the city center with lots of towers that stand out over the landscape, make this accommodation suitable for the most diverse needs. Also noteworthy is its proximity to the Sant Orsola Hospital.

2. Gran Hotel Majestic già Baglioni

Appreciated for refined details, dream comfort and majestic appearance this is definitely the best place for those who want to stay in the beating heart of the city and have a royal treatment. The only 5-star hotel in the metropolis, it boasts an enviable position a stone’s throw from Piazza Maggiore and in front of the majestic Cathedral of San Pietro, in the middle of Via Independenza.

The spacious and elegant rooms are true jewels thanks to their frescoes and antique furniture. Among the many services to mention, the relaxing Spa, the delicious restaurant and the car park with return car for a stress-free stay, in the name of comfort.

3. Hotel Cosmopolitan

This modern 4-star hotel located a few steps from Fico Eataly World and a few minutes drive from the Fair area and the city center. it is appreciated by business customers, and not only, for the various services offered, the excellent quality/price ratio and the comfort of the rooms. A mention also goes to the restaurant of the structure which stands out for its traditional Bologna Food revisited in a gourmet key and gives an extra pampering to customers.

4. Hotel Savoia Regency

This elegant 4-star property, housed in a picturesque eighteenth-century villa surrounded by greenery. Thanks to the various comforts offered, it makes its guests feel in a corner of paradise and is only a few minutes drive from the center of Bologna.

The refinement of the rooms, the quality/price ratio, the care given to the guest and the dishes of the renowned Grassilli restaurant are just some of the many reasons why guests prefer this accommodation.

5. Hotel i Portici

This refined 4-star with an Art Nouveau style welcomes its customers with a strategic location just a few steps from the train station and the MAMbo, the museum of modern art. The rooms are appreciated for their comfort, size and design.

The culinary offers for which the structure stands out are noteworthy: in fact, not only one restaurant is housed here but three: Pizzeria, Osteria and the one-star Michelin restaurant I Portici.

It's usefull know that...

Prices vary greatly according to demand seasonality and events going on in town. During the last day of Dicembre, close to Christmas and New Year Eve, of important events, international Fairs or sporting events, it is very difficult to find an accommodation, therefore we advise you to book well in advance if your stay coincides with these dates.

6. Hotel Corona d'Oro

As soon as you cross the threshold of the Corona d’Oro, you feel transported into a triumph of charm that has its roots in the history of the city. The building of this refined 4-star hotel was once the residence of the prestigious Azzoguidi family.

The location is suggestive, in the historic Via Oberdan, a few steps from the Degli Asinelli tower and the Neptune fountain. For hundreds of years, it has attracted distinguished guests and couples seeking the perfect romantic retreat in the heart of the city. The private garage is comfortable and appreciated despite the central area.

7. Savhotel

This 4-star hotel with a minimal and modern style is perfect for business guests who especially appreciate its convenient location a few steps from the Bologna Fair.

However, thanks to the comfort of the rooms, the cordiality of the staff and the proximity to the city center, it is also appreciated by families and lonely tourists. The modern-style NeroArancio restaurant offers tasty traditional dishes and is an extra service much appreciated by guests.

8. Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi

This modern structure with an eco-friendly impact is a real relaxing green oasis, complete with palm trees and a swimming pool, just a few kilometers from the historic center.

Perfect for those who want to disconnect from the routine and relax in full comfort, thanks to the many services offered. A large meeting center and the quiet of the rooms make it a popular choice even for business travelers. The restaurant with traditional gourmet dishes was also appreciated.

9.Royal Hotel Carlton

This modern and luxurious four-star hotel is perfect for those traveling by train or by car, just a few steps from the railway station and with a large private garage with more than 200 spaces. The main square can be reached with a pleasant walk lasting a quarter of an hour.

The elegant and spacious rooms, the rich breakfast and the pleasant Spa are just some of the many proposals that the hotel offers to make your stay in the beautiful medieval city unforgettable.

10. Zanhotel Regina

Comfortable 3-star hotel, with a strategic position, halfway between the railway station and Piazza Maggiore. Also ideal for those traveling by car and want to reach the center on foot without worries, thanks to its location just behind the large underground parking in Piazza VIII Agosto. Guests particularly like the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms and the attentive and attentive welcome from the staff.

How to Choose the Ideal Hotel

When you have to choose the right place to stay there are several factors to consider and these change according to the purpose of travel and the means by which you have chosen to travel. For example, if you come to Bologna by train for a weekend, it might be a good idea to look for a place to sleep near the train station, while if you are planning a business trip and come by car, a hotel with private parking that is not in the historic center.

Where to sleep in Bologna, Italy

Compared to cities like Rome, Naples and Milan, Bologna can be considered relatively small.

The city is divided into 6 districts:

Borgo Panigale – Reno
San Donato – San Vitale
Saint Stephen

In any case, considering the small size of the city, the areas of greatest interest are the city center, the train station, the airport and the Fiera area.

Hotel in Bologna city center

Your destination is perfect to visit on foot, choosing an accommodation within the ancient walls will allow you to discover all the most famous attractions without too much effort. At the same time you can feel immersed in the unique and rare atmosphere that only the beating heart of the ancient city can convey.

The accommodation offers are many and for all budgets, from hostels and B&Bs to the most luxury hotels, and some will offer you views that you will hardly forget.

Even if you only have one day available, by staying in this area you can visit the most exciting and legendary places that have made the history of the city of Bologna. Piazza Maggiore, the Church of San Petronio, the two Towers, the fountain of Neptune, Santo Stefano, L’Archiginnasio, the Archaeological Museum, Palazzo Fava, just to name a few, and it’s all available to your eyes and a few meters away .

Staying in the center will not only satisfy your gaze and your thirst for knowledge but also your appetite. Each alley in this area is ready to surprise with smells and flavors that taste of tradition and good food. The Quadrilatero is one of the most popular areas, here it is possible to find many excellent proposals enclosed in very few streets, wherever you feel surrounded by tagliatelle, tortellini, inviting cold cuts, good wine and laughter.

Throughout the area there are many restaurants but also the historic shops where you can buy superfine souvenirs to take back home.

It's usefull know that...

If you choose a place to stay in the historic center and travel by car, you need to pay attention to ztl and parking. We advise you to read our dedicated article for more information.

The Pratello is the area for meetings with friends, informal aperitifs and craft beers.

If you love shopping you will find the perfect downtown area, here too there is something for all fancy and wallets. Via Farini awaits you with the most renowned historic shops, successful brands and small boutique shops while Via Indipendenza with many international brands.

The best thing is that not even the rain can ruin your stay in this area thanks to the beautiful and useful arcades, i portici, that wind through the streets.

Have you decided that this area is the right one to make your stay even more magical? We suggest you go and discover the 10 best hotels in bologna center in our opinion, we are sure that you will find the one that best suits your needs.

To see on foot nearby:

Piazza Maggiore
The two Towers
The Church of San Petronio
The Fountain of Neptune
Palazzo Re Enzo
The Quadrilateral Area
Complex of 7 churches
The archiginnasio,
St. Peter’s Cathedral
Medieval Museum
archaeological Museum


Staying in the historic center you have everything at your fingertips, from the symbolic attractions of the city to the restaurants of the true tradition, together with the possibility of totally entering the Bolognese spirit and no longer feeling just a tourist.


Getting to the accommodation by car can be complicated, if you want to drive inside the historic center, we recommend that you read our article on the LTZ.

Hotels in Bologna near the Train Station

The bus station is also located a few meters from the train station. This makes this area perfect for those who travel by these two means and want to stay in a convenient and central area from which to easily reach the main monuments.

Chosen above all by those arriving by train but also by families, this area is among the most popular thanks to the many accommodation offers and the excellent value for money encountered by guests.

Here it is possible to find large 4-star hotels with a modern mold, equipped with the best comforts at very affordable prices and offers suitable for all tastes.

This area is also usually chosen by those traveling by car, being just outside the limited traffic area and offering several covered and uncovered parking lots.

Porta Galliera, the Roman ruins just a few meters from the Montagnola Park, make this area surprisingly suggestive.

Via Indipendenza, the shopping street par excellence, starts right in this area and will allow you to reach the main square in less than 20 minutes on foot. Many bus lines pass through the area and you will find many stops that will make getting around really easy.

By choosing to sleep near the station, you can easily reach on foot, in about 10 minutes, the Pinacoteca Nazionale, the Botanical Garden and some museums in the university area.

Within walking distance of this area you will also find the picturesque streets Delle Belle Arti and Altabella, as well as the romantic canal area where one of the seven secrets of the city is hidden.

To see on foot nearby: Porta Galliera, Parco Della Montagnola, Area of ​​the canals (Via Piella and Via Oberdan), Botanical Garden.

Recommended because:

Ideal for those traveling by public transport, the area offers solutions at a moderate price and many of the main attractions are just over 1 km away.


The area is busy and chaotic, it is not really suitable for those who prefer silence and relaxation.

Hotels Near the Airport

Bologna airport offers a multitude of connections with cities all over the world and an overnight stay in this area is carried out mainly by those who have flights in the morning and want to sleep peacefully.

In the area there are various accommodation solutions from large 4-star hotels to cheaper 3-star and comfortable B&Bs.

The city center is only 6 km away and is easy to reach thanks to the many taxis, the BLQ bus and the brand new elevated shuttle that connects the airport to the central station in just 7 minutes (“People Mover“).

The ease of connection with the heart of the beautiful medieval city makes staying overnight in this area strategic for those who have little time available but want to enjoy a comfortable visit to the center before moving on to the next stage of travel.

It is important to point out that just 3 km from the airport is the innovative structure of the Mast Foundation, a destination not to be missed for lovers of technology and art.

To see nearby: Mast Foundation

Recommended because:

Very convenient for those who have to go to the airport in the morning without having to resort to early risers or runs. The city center is well connected and easily accessible by public transport.


For those traveling on foot, there is little to see nearby, the historic center is 6 km away.

Accommodation in Fair Area

The fair area is certainly the most popular area of ​​the city among business customers, there are many hotels in this area that offer services designed to make the stay of these customers impeccable. Of course they are not the only ones, in reality it is an area that adapts perfectly to the needs of most, thanks also to the fact that it is located just 3 km from the central square and just 10 minutes by car from Fico Eataly World.

There are many hotels with private garages but also bus stops that pass with an incredible frequency, so as to make this area suitable for both those traveling by public transport and by car.

The area is preferred above all by those seeking comfort and tranquility and also offers various culinary proposals. Nearby are many restaurants ready to satisfy different tastes: from gourmet to traditional, from pizzeria to ethnic restaurants.

There are many families who prefer this area due to the possibility of having solutions with large communicating rooms in many structures as well as targeted services. Mostly modern and elegant four-star accommodations in the exhibition area are also renowned for their excellent value for money.

To see nearby: Museum for the memory of Ustica, Fico Eataly World, historic center less than 3 km

Recommended because:

Perfect area for business customers as well as for anyone looking for elegant solutions with excellent value for money, just a few kilometers from the historic center. Area full of restaurants and outlets.


The area is full of modern buildings, not recommended for those who love medieval architecture. More inconvenient for those who only move on foot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a room can vary a lot depending on the season and the presence of fairs or events. In general, the cost can vary between 50 and 70 euros for a single room. While for a double room it can be between 60 and 90 euros per night.

This depends a lot on your needs and why you are traveling. In any case, we have compiled this list by evaluating the main needs:

  • Aemilia Hotel
  • Gran Hotel Majestic formerly Baglioni
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Savoia hotel
  • Hotel i Portici
  • Hotel Corona d’Oro
  • SavhotelRelais Bellaria
  • Royal Hotel Carlton
  • Zanhotel Regina

To stay in the city there are several economic alternatives: 2-star hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes and for the youngest and most adaptable hostels. In our article Cheap accommodation in Bologna you will find several useful tips!

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