Taxi in Bologna – Telephone numbers and useful information

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Taxi in Bologna Italy, taxi phone number
Taxi in Bologna Italy, taxi phone number

Bologna city centre is quite small so you can easily move around walking anyway if you have some luggage or you need to move fast the best way is to get a taxi ride.

The official taxi company of Bologna is Cotabo

The main company of Bologna is Cotabo and it offers many services including the reservations for people with disability. Cotabo service Phone numbers: +39 051 372727 You can reserve a ride using the free cotabo app for smartphones, as well you can made a web reservations. You can find the app on Cotabo website.

Private Transfer From Marconi Airport to Bologna

If you have to move from the airport to the center or vice versa, you may prefer to book a private transfer with a Meet and Greet service at the Guglielmo Marconi airport. If you are looking for a private transfer from the airport to the city, you can book the service here.

Taxi services, fares and tips

To get around in Bologna with a taxi is really easy, you just should known some simple information about the taxis services. Here you can find a couple of useful tips. In first, the vehicles can not be stopped on the street. It has to be reserve by phone or you can find the taxis waiting in a special parking across town.

For example it is possible to find a them just outside the Bologna airport and the train station. As well in the city centre have a taxi close to Church of San Petronio.

Inside the vehicles it have to be displayed the price list, so you make sure that the fare and charges are correct.

Some example of basic charges and fares are:

  • Starting fixed charges € 3,00
  • Night-time starting fixed charges € 5,60
  • luggage supplement € 0,50

Fixed fare from train station to the airport Marconi: € 15,00/€20,00

Priority taxi

For people with disability, even serious, there is a priority taxi service. This vehicle are provided with adequate equipment so that him can be boarded without having to get off the wheelchairs.

You can ask for it by calling directly on moment or, if you want to book it in advance, for the same day or for the next days:

Phone number +39 051 372525 From Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

4.6/5 - (62 votes)
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