The Mercato Delle Erbe

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mercato delle erbe, bologna centro, dove mangiare a bologna
mercato delle erbe, bologna centro, dove mangiare a bologna

The Mercato delle Erbe is a splendid example of how historic buildings can find a new function within the city center. Here is the place to shop and stop for lunch!

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Mercato delle Erbe in a nutshell

Il Mercato delle Erbe is one of the most picturesque places in the city and if you intend to visit Bologna we suggest you insert it in your itinerary. Its name may suggest it is just a vegetable market, but inside you will find much more than that. In fact, thanks to the restaurants and wine bar recently opened, the Mercato delle Erbe is a great place to have lunch and dinner or to stop for an aperitivo with friends.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday from 7:00 to 24:00
Friday – Saturday from 7:00 to 2:00
Sunday Closed

Where Is

Via Ugo Bassi 21, 40121 Bologna

mercato delle erbe bologna
Banchi ortofrutta al Mercato delle Erbe ©

Wine Bar and Restaurants inside the Mercato delle Erbe

Inside the Mercato delle Erbe you will not only find boxes for the sale of fruit and vegetables. The building retains its ancient function but integrates masterfully with the modernity of finger food and nouvelle cusine in a totally extraordinary environment.

Over the years some internal areas of the building have been renovated and have been turned into restaurants or stands for street food. This has made it one of the most popular places to eat in Bologna in recent years. If you intend to stay for lunch you have the opportunity to choose between the various locales so read the following descriptions will help you choose the one you like best.

1. Banco 32, Mercato delle Erbe fish shop

Mercato delle Erbe - Banco 32
Mercato delle Erbe - Banco 32 ©

The historic fish shop now takes the name of Banco 32, the formula is simple: at lunch a fish restaurant with a quick kitchen, in the evening tapas and aperitif to be enjoyed in a convivial way at the servery or on the tables.

The specialty of the house is fish but there are vegetarian dishes to satisfy all needs. The excellent work and the quality of the product have made the Tour 32 renowned among gourmets.

2. MozzaBella Street Food

Not just a pizzeria but a concept store where quality and sensory research are in first place. Mozzabella offers a Napoli-inspired pizza but revisited in Roma stile. It is very important to the flour used for the dough and condiments, we start from the most classic to find daring combinations of seasonal ingredients and local specialties.

3. Vineria alle Erbe - Wine bar

Mercato delle erbe in bologna, Vineria alle Erbe
Vineria alle Erbe ©

If you love good wine this place is a sure stop where to find what you are looking for. The excellent wine list is supported by the preparation and kindness of the staff who will be able to advise you impeccably. A good choice of starters and traditional Bolognese dishes will support you while sipping your favorite wine!

4. Altro?

Mercato delle Erbe - Altro?
Altro? ©

It is no coincidence that we have already mentioned this restaurant in our article: Where to eat in Bologna. Altro? It is without a doubt one of the best restaurants to eat in the city center. The excellent quality, the suggestive environment and the low prices have meant that this place became a real point of reference for the eating habits of the Bolognese.

5. Polpette e Crescentine al Mercato delle Erbe

As the name immediately suggests the speciality is meatballs but Polpette and Crescentine is not just that. You can savor some specialties prepared with zero-kilometer ingredients. The intent of prepare a meal as grandmother does, is the main ingredient of this cuisine. In support you will find a selection of selected wines to enhance the dishes and enjoy the true flavor of the Bolognese tradition.

4.4/5 - (14 votes)
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