The Villa Ghigi Garden

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Villa Ghigi
The panorama from Villa Ghigi ©
Villa Ghigi
The panorama from Villa Ghigi ©

The Villa Ghigi Garden, located just outside Porta San Mamolo, is one of Bologna’s green gems. This enchanting park offers city dwellers and visitors an opportunity to escape from the urban frenzy and direct contact with nature.

This public green area is located in the first hills of Bologna and is essentially a historic estate originally composed of various farms, including Il Becco, Il Palazzino, I Tre Portoni, Stradelli and San Michele III, of which today’s park includes only the first two. Its history has its roots in the past and constitutes a natural and cultural heritage for the city of Bologna. In 1974, the Municipality opened this place to the public, transforming it into an oasis of tranquility.

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The Garden in a Nutshell

The Villa Ghigi Garden is an oasis of peace that extends over a vast area of approximately 30 hectares in the Beccàrio valley. An oval sign on the right marks the entrance and provides a brief description of the park.

This place offers visitors a unique opportunity to disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy the beauty of the Bolognese countryside. Inside there are numerous paths, drinking water fountains and in some periods of the year it is possible to refresh at the Custodian’s House.

The area is characterized by a mix of landscapes, ranging from cultivated areas to natural stretches. Inside, it is possible to discover suggestive corners and enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Bologna. The park is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities, such as walking, picnics and yoga.

It is open every day, offering nature lovers an ideal place to relax and take rejuvenating walks.

Entry is free, making it an accessible option for everyone.

The exact address of the park is Via San Mamolo 105, 40136 Bologna.

The Keeper's House

Villa Ghigi, The Keeper's House
The Keeper's House - Villa Ghigi ©


The Casa del Custode (Keeper’s House) is a structure with ancient charm located within the park. This refreshment point offers not only food and drinks, but also a series of events during the summer.

The building has its roots in past centuries and, although its current appearance is the result of a renovation that took place in the first decades of the 20th century, the first traces of the building date back to the 18th century.

For a long time, this house was inhabited by the Cerè family until the 1970s, helping to preserve the history and life of the estate. Luciano Cerè, son of the caretaker, shared precious information about this building, Villa Ghigi and the life of the ancient estate, thus enriching the historical heritage of the place.

The restoration of this building has been a constant objective, aimed at offering visitors a refreshment point and modern toilets. Despite administrative challenges and delays, the Keeper’s House opened in a few summers between 2017 and 2021 and is expected to begin a period of consolidation and renovation works from November 2021, aiming for a more regular reopening from the spring of 2022.

For details on the programming of events you can consult the official website.

Continue your journey

Continuing the exploration towards the hills we find the Eremo di Ronzano, a place of peace and spirituality that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city, a perfect place to relax and reflect.

If you love nature, the Margherita Gardens are located in the center and are a recommended stop when visiting the main attractions. These gardens are among the largest in the city and are ideal for a walk or picnic. A short distance away we find the Botanical Garden, with a vast collection of botanical species, it is an oasis of biodiversity not to be missed for plant lovers.

If you are passionate about cycling, the Canale Navile Ciclovia offers a fantastic experience through the Bolognese countryside, ideal for exploring the area on two wheels.

Moving outside Bologna, near Bentivoglio, there is the La Rizza Oasis. This nature reserve is recommended for birdwatching and wildlife observation. It’s an amazing place to connect with nature.

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