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Piazza Maggiore bologna italy main square

It is good to have information at hand even before your departure, in order to make your stay in the city unforgettable.

What to know before Your departure

  • Car: Getting to the city by car is very easy. Thanks to the connections with the A1, A13 and A14 motorways, the city is easily accessible from any part of Italy. The entries and exits of the bypass then help you to easily reach the areas of the city you prefer.
  • Train: Bologna central station is among the largest and well-connected ones in Italy. With several high-speed trains, which travel under the beautiful Emilian capital, you will surely find the one that’s right for you. Not for nothing is it the most popular method of travel among visitors, also considering that in less than 20 minutes on foot you are in Piazza Maggiore.
  • Airplane: Marconi airport has connections with 95 destinations, of which 14 are national and 80 are international. Certainly the preferred means of transport for foreign tourists, thanks to the many direct flights and the many offers of the various airlines. It is very easy to reach the city center in a few minutes thanks to the taxi service and the dedicated bus or the brand new shuttle connected to the central station.

Museums closed on Mondays

For those wishing to visit one of the city’s museums it is useful to know that on Mondays they are closed.

Book restaurants before your departure

Some restaurants in bolognaare so famous that they are besieged, especially on weekends, and for the local people themselves it is sometimes difficult to find a free table. Booking your table weeks in advance is certainly a wise choice.

Choose your hotel based on the city area and how you intend to move

It is good to choose your accommodation in Bologna in advance and wisely, so that you can enjoy your trip as much as possible. It is useful to understand immediately which area is most suitable for you, also counting your means of transport and what you want to visit and to do

A hotel in the city center is certainly the best choice to discover the history of the city and all the main monuments without effort, moving only a few steps. However, we remind you that the center is easily accessible, both on foot and by public transport, even from neighboring areas, that may be preferred by those traveling by car in order to avoid ZTL, the limited traffic area, and possible parking difficulties.

We have already helped thousands of people find the perfect accommodation.

Don’t risk it, read our tips!

We have already helped thousands of people find the perfect accommodation.

Don’t risk it, read our tips!

Plan how long you will stay in town

It will be useful to plan how many days to stay in the city from the very first moments of organizing the trip. We recommend this choice especially to get a better price when booking your accommodation. Some accommodation facilities may in fact apply discounts to those staying for several days, it could certainly be cheaper than extending your overnight stay at the last minute.

We suggest you make your choice also taking into consideration the various events or guided tours that you could book in the city.

Stay in Bologna to visit nearby cities

From Bologna there are many beautiful Italian cities that can be easily reached thanks to the easy rail connections or the short distance by car. Often the city has been chosen and discovered by  many tourists for this reason, and then remains in their hearts.

How to save money

There are many ways to visit the city while saving money

Choose your means of transport in advance

For example, you can book train and plane tickets as early as possible to save considerably. Or if you are traveling by car, understand in advance where to park it and how much it costs, so as to avoid expensive expenses.

If you travel on foot, and you are planning to use the buses in the city to move to the most distant points, it might be useful to buy a 10-ride ticket in order to save money. Tickets for the 10-ride bus are easily found at any tobacco shop and are cheaper than buying a single ticket.

Book your accommodation months in advance, trying to avoid trade fairs or peak seasons

Booking your hotel in advance will surely help you to get better prices. Without forgetting that Bologna is full of trade fairs, during which finding free accommodation could become very difficult. To save money, it is useful to inquire about the most important business events and not book on those dates.

It is useful to know that July and August are usually the months where it is easier to find offers and lower prices, unlike in other cities. September, on the other hand, can be considered  the high season, also given the various conferences and fairs that take place in that period.

Free self tours and pre-selected guided tours

The symbolic places of the historic center can be easily reached on foot. Thanks to our articles, on what to see in the city, you can decide what to see in advance and for many attractions you don’t even need a ticket!

You can organize self-guided tours such as the Seven Secrets one.

If you prefer to take a guided tour, we recommend that you see our suggestions on the dedicated page. Booking a guided tour in advance will allow you to have more choice, and find the one most in line with your idea of savings.

Free public museums on the first Sunday of the month

If you intend to visit the museums in the city this information could be useful, certainly a great way to save.

Traveling by car

Bologna is very well connected to the motorway network. The exits from the motorway are different and divided by area, so as to allow you to reach your destination more easily.

For those traveling by car it is important to find out about the restricted traffic areas and where to park, as you can learn more in our dedicated articles. Choosing the hotel also based on any free parking offered could, for example, be a useful choice to avoid incurring additional expenses.

Our Tips

ZTL - Limited traffic zone in Bologna

ZTL – Limited Traffic Zone in Bologna

If you have decided to travel by car or if you are planning to rent one, it is good to know how to get around Bologna by car, some information could be really useful!

Bologna airport, Guglielmo Marconi

Get to Bologna by plane, Guglielmo Marconi Airport

To get to Bologna by plane you can use the Guglielmo marcomi airport, headed by the Italian scientist.
This has become an international airport over the years, today it offers flights to a multitude of destinations, there are connections to major European cities and worldwide. Marconi is the seventh most used airport in Italy.

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