Parking in Bologna (Airport, station & center) – Best car park

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Parking in bologna
Parking in bologna

Finding a car park in Bologna has never been easier.

We immediately recommend the 4 car parks that we consider the best in terms of location and cost.

In addition, our guide will find advice on how to avoid the ZTL (limited traffic Zone) and the high fines for prohibition of transit.

If you have already chosen a specific destination, we will help you choose the parking lot based on the different areas of interest: downtown, train station or airport.

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Parking in Bologna - The best car parks

We have selected for you the best places to leave your car. Various factors were considered for the choice, including cost, proximity to the city center and the difficulty of the route when arriving by car from outside the city.


Don’t risk entering the restricted traffic area without permission. Find out everything there is to know about the Bologna Limited Traffic Zone

1. Car Park Tanari

The Tanari is undoubtedly the best, given its large capacity, low cost and the presence of the shuttle, we are sure that there is no better place to park the car.

The cashiers are automatic and payment can be made in cash or by card.

In addition, parking is free for 24 hours from the entrance if you have a public transport pass on a MiMuovo card or if, after parking, you travel by public transport by purchasing a € 1.50 ticket at the cash automatic desk.

2. Car Park Staveco

Staveco parking is slightly cheaper than many others and has the advantage of being only a few minutes from the city center.

Furthermore, its position is particularly easy to reach, making it ideal for those who have never been to Bologna and do not know the streets well.

3. Car Park Multipiano Riva Reno

The Multipiano Riva di Reno in addition to having 540 parking spaces also has the advantage of being located within the historic center but not in the restricted traffic area.

The thing I like most about this car park is that the beautiful 11 Settembre Garden has been created above the underground floors.

4. Car Park VIII Agosto

Located right in front of the Giardino della Montagnola in the historic center, the parking lot in Piazza VIII Agosto is one of the most used by Bolognese who live in the suburbs and who usually come to the center during the weekend or during the Tdays.

Parking in Bologna City Center

The list of the best places to park your car in the downtown.

5. Car Park Abycar

Abycar parking is a family run business and the staff are always very friendly and helpful.

6. Car Park G.T.

Located in the central area, a few steps from Piazza dei Martiri.

Nearby are: Train Station, Montagnola park, commercial establishments ideal for shopping and the MAMbo (museum of modern art in Bologna).

The facility is equipped with a Cashier with Operator located on the arrivals level inside the car park.

The Cashier with Operator is manned from 07.45 to 20.00

Parking near the Bologna Central Station

If you are looking for a place to leave your car near the station, here you will find the list of the best car parks. If, on the other hand, you just want to accompany someone to the station, discover the Kiss and Ride service.

7. Nuovo Parcheggio Stazione

The New station Parking (Nuovo Parcheggio Stazione) is certainly one of the best solutions if you want to park your car near the central station of Bologna.

In fact, just 200 meters away you will find the high-speed train line.

8. Metropark P1

The Bologna Central Station P1 car park is located on the east side of the station.

From inside it is possible direct access to the railroad tracks by pedestrians.

With the Kiss & Ride option, if the stop does not last more than 15 minutes, the service is free.

9. Metropark P2

The Bologna P2 central station car park is located on the west side near the via Zanardi underpass.

From inside it is possible direct access to the railroad tracks by pedestrians.

With the Kiss & Ride option, if the stop does not last more than 15 minutes, the service is free.

10. Metropark P3

P3 is located next to P2 and offers the same access and Kiss & Ride services.

Parking Bologna Airport

Looking for a parking space at the airport in Bologna seemed like an impossible undertaking, but it is easier than you think!

Free Parking at Bologna Airport

First of all, you need to know that there is the Wait Zone or the waiting area. In this area it is possible to park for free for a maximum of 60 minutes before approaching the terminal to pick up an arriving passenger.

In fact, this area is dedicated to those who come to welcome flight passengers and you need to know how it works:

  • Open every day 24 hours a day.
  • After the first 60 minutes of parking the cost is € 10 per hour or fraction of hours.
  • There is an obligation to have a driver on board.
  • Commercial use is not allowed.

In summary, the dynamics of use are as follows:

  1. Stop inside the Wait Zone or waiting area.
  2. Wait for confirmation that the passenger on the flight has landed.
  3. Move to the Kiss & Fly area to pick up your passenger.

11. Airport Parking P1 and P2

The P1 and P2 airport car parks are located a short distance from the hotel.

12. Airport Parking P3

The Bologna P3 airport car park is dedicated to longer stays. In fact, the service is available with a daily rate.

Free Parking in Bologna

Parking for free in Bologna might seem like a utopia, no place to be precise!

However, in addition to the classic blue stripes that are free on Sundays, there is a secret place where you can park for free, the Certosa car park or “Largo Caduti dei Lager Nazi”. The place is not really located in the center but you can use the bus stop nearby to reach the main points of interest in Bologna.

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