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Born in 2013, the Mast of Bologna was created with the aim of becoming an international institution open to all, a place in which to learn the main techniques related to art, the world of photography and notions in the technological field.

The ultimate goal of this multipurpose center is to stimulate and entice its users to learn, involving them while they are expertly accompanied towards their own personal fulfillment.

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The Mast of Bologna in a nutshell

The Mast Foundation, an acronym for Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia (manufacturing of arts, experimentation and technology), deals with art, photography and innovation. The project was born with the aim of representing a cultural, philanthropic and universal institution open to all citizens, also capable of creating new connections between users.

The founders of the Mast of Bologna are the non-profit association Fondazione Isabella Seragnoli, whose intent is to promote projects and initiatives from a socio-cultural and health perspective, and Coesia, a group of companies engaged in the industrial sector, particularly sensitive to the topic of innovation.

The latter is also carried out thanks to the study and development of particular types of packaging by the group.

The foundation also aims to share knowledge also through the promotion of interesting cultural activities concerning art, photography and everything that, in fact, is innovation.

Opening hours and costs

Al fine di diffondere il più possibile conoscenza e benessere, ognuna di queste proposte è aperta al pubblico in forma gratuita.

Gli orari di apertura del museo sono dal martedì alla domenica dalle ore 10 alle ore 19 e, in occasione degli eventi serali, dalle 10 alle 22

In order to spread knowledge and well-being as much as possible, each of these proposals is open to the public free of charge.

The opening hours of the museum are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 19 and, on the occasion of evening events, from 10 to 22

Where is it?

The address is via Speranza 42 in Bologna and, on weekends and public holidays, the center also offers the public a reserved car park with entrance from via Vittoria 7 starting at 10 am.

The collection of the Mast

The Mast has a collection of 6000 images and videos concerning the world of work and industry, collected since the early 2000s.

Its purpose is to represent the entire industrialization process of a company which, in order to grow, has not only dedicated itself to production activities. It also fully embraced the ideals of commitment and dignity without neglecting other key concepts such as exploitation and fatigue.

The Mast Collection exhibition to be held from 10 February to 28 August 2022 entitled A Visual Alphabet of Industry, Work and Technology contains 500 of these precious works.

Among these, 19th and 20th century finds and decidedly more recent images await you, arranged according to a very specific method, thanks to which conceptual art and documentary photography come together.

Foto Industria

The Foto Industria Biennial is now a must for photography enthusiasts, organized and promoted by Mast himself and focused on industry and work, which reached its fifth edition in 2021.

The fair takes place every two years as well as in the association’s exhibition spaces, also in various points of the historic center of Bologna and has always seen a large participation of important names in this field.

The focus of the Foto Industria 2021 project was mainly the food industry.

Mast Photo Grant

Every two years, the Mast of Bologna announces a competition, the Mast Photography Grant on Industry and Work.

The competition gives five young photographers the opportunity to compete with important topics such as issues related to the world of work, production, innovation and economic development.

A fundamental role is given to the jury, made up of experts in the field of photography, who are assigned the task of appointing thirty selectors who, in turn, will choose the five participants.

In order to take part in the competition, they must submit a project focused on industry and work and, once the winner has been declared, the catalog will be published and the exhibition set up.

At the Mast in Bologna there are also interesting and suggestive temporary exhibitions hosted in the Mast Photo Gallery exhibition area.

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4.9/5 - (27 votes)
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